Action focused SEO audits

For $39.99 get an expert SEO audit straight to your inbox. Delivered in 4 days. Guaranteed.

"This is an ideal time to develop or ramp up organic search engine optimization efforts"

Eli Schwartz

"Audits provide an understanding of performance and clarity on what needs to happen to achieve objectives"

Brett Farmiloe

"SEO is a moving feast and it pays to stay up to date"

Natalie Lines

"Investing in effective SEO will provide a better return on investment than running ads"

Saminu Abass

Drive traffic, conversions, and revenue with expert advice

You’ll learn where you’re winning, and what you need to improve. This audit is the best SEO 80/20 step you can take.

Specific, actionable advice.

No fluff.

It’s surprising how much you can find in a video audit. This is the ultimate 80/20 to improve your growth.

Focused on your website

This isn’t a cookie cutter PDF. It’s a tailor-made audit of your website.

Discover where you’re

messing up

Chances are, you’re making some big mistakes that are easy to fix. Stop lighting money on fire, and fix it.

See your site through the eyes of an expert

You’re so familiar with your own site that it’s hard to see the obvious. See what your new customers see.

“Thanks to Chris’ help we were able to dramatically improve our rankings, search traffic and crush it with new leads.”

Arjun Mahadevan, CEO & Co-Founder at doola (YCS20)

Meet Your Personal Growth Expert

Hi, I’m Christian Thurston.

That’s me in the picture and I’ve been working in the SEO world since 2009 as well as being head of growth for a Y-Combinator startup where we grew revenue from $300K for $1.6M in 6 weeks when I came on board.

I’ve been in your shoes. I’ve been a founder, head of growth, and marketing coordinator. It’s that perspective that helps me create these audits. You want to move the needle in the shortest time possible. You want results, not theory.

Myself and my co-founder, also named Chris, have helped 100s of companies increase their rankings, traffic and revenue from search engines. And I hope to help you with your site, too.

You’d be surprised at the difference a few small SEO changes can make.


Orders are limited. Act Now.

For obvious reasons this is a popular offering. So we can only do a limited number each week. If it’s available, and you’re interested, then book yours now.

Video Audit




10-minute video review

Fully actionable recommendations

Private, high-definition upload

Delivered within four days

Don’t worry, you’ll be keeping good company

Frequently Asked Questions

When do I get my audit?

Your video audit will arrive within four business days of your order (we often achieve sooner). It will be sent to you securely and privately so only you and folks you share it with access it.

Can I buy more than one video audit?

Absolutely, but please note we only allow one video review per website.

Can you help non-English language websites?

We wish we could, but we can't. SEO is very language specific. We recommend finding someone fluent in your language to help you.

Are there any industries you don't work with?

Adult, or gambling websites.

Can you review a website I don't own?


Can I ask you specific question about my site?

If we can cover it in the 10 minute video then yes. You can leave notes on your request when ordering.

Will Chris (Thurston) do these audits or will it be someone else?

Right now, all videos are recorded by Chris, which is why spaces are limited. This will probably change in the future.

Can you help fix the issues you find?

Most of the time, yes. You can follow up with us after the audit if this is something you want to discuss. If we can't help, we can connect you with folks who can.

If we follow your recommendations, will Google be made at us?

We follow Google's guidelines when giving guidance. That said, we'll also note anything else we've seen work in the wild, but our advice is to follow the Google guidelines.

Do you only discuss SEO or do you touch on other things?

Most of the time I'll also note any other design, UX, or other things I observe. Simply put, I work hard to make this the best value deliverable you'll ever order in your life.

Why are you doing these audits? $39.99 seems low, how are you making money?

Well it's great lead generation. But don't worry, we won't hassle you to buy more services, we only do follow on work when the client (you) initiate it. Also, it's surprisingly fun to do these. I've always loved this side of SEO, and I find myself looking at sites like these in my spare time any how.

What if I'm not happy with the quality of my audit? Do you give refunds?

Well, that would be odd, but sure thing, just ask for a refund no questions asked. It's $39.99, we'll survive.

Where did you get the idea to do this?

We shamelessly stole borrowed this concept from Glen Allsopp (he’s awesome). And he’s publicly said this is a good idea he’d like other folks to offer. Glen, next drinks are on us mate!

More questions?

Feel free to drop our team a message.

Hmmm… I’m leaning against doing it *crosses arms*. Like, how would you change my mind?

Honestly, I think this should be a “hell yes” or “no” decision for you. After all, it’s $39.99, so if you’re worried about it, then no stress, we appreciate you taking the time to consider it.

That said, we think every industry and multiple providers should offer a version of this. It’s a great, low-risk, way to get awesome value while you figure out your first steps in a field.

I have the heart of a teacher (I was one for the first three years of my working life) and I enjoy helping folks level up rapidly. This does that.

The money is not the point here. I love doing these, they’re fun, I learn a lot, and it’s what I do 5-10 times a day just for kicks anyway.

And yes, we know if we help enough folks, then some number of them will reach out to us for more help. But we only do that sort of thing when asked. We’re not like those insurance quote forms that won’t spam your inbox the moment you fill it out (and call us out on social media if we do).

And if you’re not into it, then all good, let me leave you with this. If you want to learn how to say something in an Australian accent then say “Rise. Up. Lights” out loud in your normal voice. Go ahead, I’ll wait. Done? Cool, you just said “razor blades” in Australian. So you got something for your troubles :).

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Thanks to the team at @getsearcheye for delivering as always! When I need Digital PR, I can always rely on them.




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Wow. Very impressed with @getsearcheye – Absolutely blown away by the quality and turnaround times. A shoutout to the team for building an awesome product!




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@getsearcheye is the top of the industry! I would highly recommend them!




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