Definitions -


Offer: An offer refers to a specific opportunity presented within the marketplace. It is a proposal or package that is available for selection by publishers or clients. These offers may encompass a range of digital PR services, such as article placements, promotional content, or advertising opportunities, each tailored to meet the diverse needs of users within the marketplace.

Article Types

In-Flight Article: This term refers to an article that a publisher is actively developing and has scheduled for publication. It is part of the publisher’s content calendar, indicating that the topic, outline, or draft is in the process of being written and will be published in the near future.

Fresh Article: A fresh article in SearchEye’s context is a newly created piece, ghostwritten by SearchEye’s team of writers. It is designed to align with the publisher’s content guidelines and themes. Once written, it is reviewed and authorized by the publisher, who then formally attributes authorship to themselves or their team. This approach allows for the seamless integration of client content into the publisher’s platform while maintaining editorial consistency and quality.

Existing Article: This refers to an already published article that is updated or modified. In the SearchEye marketplace, an existing article may be revisited to include new information, promotional content, or to align it with current trends or data. The update process respects the original tone and style of the article while enhancing its relevance and appeal to current readers.

Mention Types

Links: A hyperlink that naturally directs the reader to the brand’s website or a specific webpage.

Brand Mention: A section, usually 2-3 paragraphs, that discusses a brand in detail.

Expert Quote: A brief, 2-3 sentence quote from an industry expert that adds credibility to the article.

Brand Feature: An in-depth article that focuses solely on a brand. This could be in the form of a product review, company profile, or op-ed piece.

Interview: A full-length interview with a person, typically an expert or representative from a brand.

Press Release: These are formal announcements disseminated to the media, simultaneously improving search visibility via wide online distribution, and shaping your brand’s narrative and credibility by focusing on significant, newsworthy events.