All Plans Include On-Going:

InstaFamous! Get high authority links in popular blogs and news sites. SearchEye automatically builds your 3rd party content calendar each month based on our relationship with 50,000+ blogs and sites.
Our initial audit identifies 1,000s of issues including site structure, metas, headers and more. Our team will implement each change. SearchEye also provides on-going site recommendations monthly.
SearchEye provides quarterly content recommendations and custom content guidelines. SearchEye also integrates with various award-winning content agencies to easily turn recommendations into high quality, crafted content!
Weekly reports that use Natural Language Generation to provide easy to understand information. SearchEye also provides real-time analytics via Google Data Studio and real-time keyword rankings using SerpBook.
Have a success manager alongside each step of the way. We are watching your campaign 24/7 and providing on-going recommendations on a daily basis.

Customer Success Story

“My SEO Sucks helped ClearWay Law increase organic traffic by 1,155% y/y and leads by 1,271% in just 1 year!”
Alistair Vigier

While we retained My SEO Sucks to help generate leads and long-term value through a focused SEO strategy, they went above and beyond and helped the business scale through marketing, automation, digital PR and business consulting. This team gets legal marketing on a large scale.

Alistair Vigier
CEO, ClearWay Law

Scale your SEO up, down or anyway you please!

The SearchEye dashboard allows you to fully customize your campaigns. Scale up your link-building, change your SEO plan, add more (or less) content. Each business is different, we’ve built SearchEye to cater to your needs.

Target Your Client-

Target Clients Directly Related to Your Business

Take the guesswork out of SEO. You know your client target better than anyone else. The SearchEye dashboard has a “targeting” area where you can provide target locations (city, province/state, country, global) and services (with ability to prioritize specific service areas). That data is integrated in each specific deliverable, making sure SearchEye is targeting the optimal customer for your business.

Scale your SEO up, down or anyway you please!

What Makes SearchEye different from other SEO Agencies?

SearchEye’s aim isn’t to fully automate SEO (if we ever managed that, we’d be $$$). The SearchEye platform automates the role of the account manager (Read more about how we automated Nate out of a job).

SearchEye takes your monthly requirements (set in your client dashboard), automatically tasks them out and provides all the necessary details to deliver the perfect product. We’re obsessed with processes and automation. In turn, cutting out the account manager allows us to cut your monthly costs by 50-75%, and improves the overall speed that our team can scale up your search strategy.


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