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Tired of being offered the same ol’ links that everyone else has? So are we. With SearchEye, build links on some of the biggest sites on the internet. Imagine building links on Click Up, Harvard Business Review, and more? These are links your competitors only dream of.

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    A few of the 1000s of businesses using SearchEye:

    Place, track, and manage links all in one place

    There are no obligations! Sign-up, browse our inventory and order with only a few clicks. Strategy or experience not required.

    Oh great… Another Link-Building Platform

    Just about anybody can get you on those run-of-the-mill sites, you know, the ones that pop-up in your inbox daily (in an email with notoriously poor grammar). That’s not what we do… We have built a network that spans the entire web, with exclusive relationships that only we have access to.

    Oh great… Another Link-Building Platform


    Pricing ranges from $395 / mention to over $10,000 / full feature. Pricing is dependent on the difficulty of acquiring Digital PR on your behalf. For pricing, please schedule a demo with one of our on-boarding specialists.

    Check out a few recent samples:
    Tech Times

    This client recently launched their startup and needed press.

    From: $895 / per article

    4 top biotech stocks to watch in October 2021

    From: $1495 / per article

    The 15 Top Microsoft Project Alternatives in 2022

    From: $625 / per article
    But… I Build Links Myself

    But… I Build Links Myself

    Awesome! We love working with people who understand the value of links. Continue on the journey building up your authority / SEO (keep up the good work!). However, why not leverage some of our relationships to augment your efforts. We’ve spent 1000s of hours doing the hard work, so you don’t have to.

    Outreach, Mad Men Style

    We have sent out over 200 iPads, booked 300+ dinners, and consumed countless bottles of Pappy. The things we do for our clients…

    But… I Have an In-House Team

    Great! Building a team isn’t easy or cheap. Does your team have dozens of personas, 1000s of standard operating procedures (SOPs) and over 100 journalists building relationships with some of the hottest web properties 24/7? Don’t worry, most companies don’t. That’s why we work to support the efforts of link-building agencies and in-house SEO teams that have 100s of employees.

    But… I Have an In-House Team

    We’re Here to Help, Any Way You Want

    White Glove Service

    Need an expert? Sit back and let us handle both the strategy and execution.

    As part of our service, we’ll set you up with a strategist and account manager who will be there each step of the way:

    • Build the Strategy
    • Pick the most appropriate sites for your business
    • Manage the entire process and act as a “sherpa” for your campaign

    Minimum $5,000 / Month

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    Have a team and looking to leverage our relationships? No problem.

    Sign-up for SearchEye and browse our inventory and have full control over your strategy:

    • Choose Your Sites
    • Approve each piece of content before it is sent to the publisher
    • Get notified when relevant links are added to our inventory

    No Minimums

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    The Technology Behind SearchEye

    The SearchEye platform becomes smarter the more you use it. Every time you purchase a deliverable, all inputs and outputs are added to the system for learning. While all work is performed by our SEO “ninjas”, we make sure each of them have every possible data point to execute on your campaigns.