Don’t get suckered into a 12-month contract

  • Leave at any time
  • Flexibility to pause your campaign
  • Forces us to be on our toes from day 1

Hire My SEO Sucks


SEO is evolving, the strategies from yesterday don’t apply today. Agencies are failing their clients, and there are no repercussions.

My SEO Sucks was determined to disrupt the space, iterate and create something never done before. You know slow, cumbersome, manual processes don’t work and without evolution, these traditional SEO agencies are being left behind.

These SEO agencies are tarring our industry because they refuse to evolve. They are plagued by slow, cumbersome, manual processes and embarrassing results. They’re distant. They spin reports because they know the results aren’t good. Sometimes you can’t even get them on the phone.

That’s not right.

Why should you be stuck with an SEO firm that doesn’t have your best interests, for 12 months of longer?