How Does Podcast Booking Work?


Speaker Profile Creation

Podcast hosts are looking for the cream of the crop, but don’t worry; we’re there to help. We work on creating an impressive speaker-bio to meet the requirements of the most relevant podcast shows.


Strategic Direction

Our team helps you understand the audience and spell out apt messages for podcast appearances. We build a strategic action plan to help you get the most out of your podcast interviews.


Pitch to the Right Hosts

We have a strong network of podcasts in every business niche. We understand your competence and pitch to the most popular niche podcasts.

We’ve worked with top entrepreneurs, CEOs, influencers, and authors to get them placed on prominent podcasts.


Some of the Top Rated Podcasts We Have Placed our Clients On

Some of the Top Rated Podcasts We Have Placed our Clients On


Become a Podcast Guest and Skyrocket Your Business

Being a guest on relevant podcasts helps you expand your audience and become an authority in your industry. For authors, podcast visibility is a terrific way to sell more books. Get interviewed on top podcasts to build trust with your target audience and get more sales for your business.

A Unique Podcast Booking Agency

For us, getting you interviewed in the best-rated podcasts is a serious business. For quality in podcast interview placements, we provide you with an experienced team to hand-craft every outreach. We handpick industry-leading podcasts that fetch you the maximum bang for your buck. We’ve booked 100s of podcast interviews and have helped clients generate millions of dollars in ROI.

Get Noticed, Into Perpetuity

Unlike traditional PR avenues, such as television, radio and print, Podcasting is a fast-growing market that lives on the web. A few unique things about Podcasts:

  • As podcasts grow, your previous interviews will continue to get more downloads and listens
  • Podcasts are indexable in search
  • 55% of people in the US have listened to a Podcast, at least once (up from 51% in 2019)

Our podcast booking plans are tailored to suit varying business needs.

Did You Know?

Podcast interviews convert 25 times better than blogs, and traffic from podcast interviews convert at 25% visitor to lead.

Become an Authority in Your Field

38% of people who listen to podcasts state that they have purchased products mentioned on those podcasts.

Podcast guesting can help you:

  •  Improve organic SEO and authority
  •  Reach more audience and build influence
  •  Shoot up leads and sales
  •  Sell more books

Still have some questions?

$7500 (minimum 12 podcast interviews). This works out to around $625 / interview. All podcasts booked are in the top 500

Our team handles the following:

  • 1-hour interview to understand your business
  • Build out your persona / profile
  • Prepare multiple pitches / angles
  • Pitch to 100s of top 500 podcasts
  • Prepare you for each interview

Our team will conduct a 1-hour interview to best understand you and your business. From there we come up with “angles” (or pitches) that we believe would resonate well with different niches.

We can not guarantee podcast interviews on specific sites, however, we guarantee 12 podcast interviews on top 500 podcasts in your ideal niches.

How many podcasts do you commit to booking me on?

We guarantee a minimum of 12 podcast interviews over a 6 month period.

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Why do You Need a Professional Podcast Booking Agency?

To appear in a coveted podcast interview, you need to position yourself as a highly valued expert, and that’s where a professional representation is so vital. Having an agency saves you valuable time and accelerates the podcasting guesting process.

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