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Offering a “Publisher First” experience

Say goodbye to 1,000s of poorly worded “guest post” requests, low-ball offers and poor quality content on sites you’d rather not be associated with. SearchEye puts the publisher first and provides an unparalleled experience that increases revenue and improves SEO all while protecting your brand risk and reducing your efforts.

  • Improve your SEO
  • Compensation
  • Quality Buyers
  • Protect your brand

Improve your SEO

Get great content written by subject matter experts that generate eyeballs, engagement and scalable search traffic!

All content has a specific focus, 2000+ words and meets your strict editorial guidelines.

Become a Publisher

“Just send them to Searcheye”

Many of our users receive 100s of guest post / link-building inquiries / month. The current process is time consuming:

  • 1. Respond to them with price / guidelines

  • 2. Negotiate

  • 3. Edit Content

  • 4. Publish Content

  • 5. Invoicing

  • 6. Customer Support

The average publisher spends 1.5-3 hours on each successful guest post

Generate Recurring Income

For each new user that purchases through your custom Searcheye link, you’ll earn a % of their transactions for the next 2 years. Every new inquiry leads to more passive income.

What people are saying about SearchEye

“Fantastic platform. They did a phenomenal job from keyword research to article creation to finding quality digital PR. Great driver of traffic for us.”

Preston Holmes, Tech Startup

“Signed up and love the concept, made me a big believer in organic search. Looking forward to seeing more articles in the fintech and private debt space!”

Michael Shum, CEO, Cascade Debt

“Good service for link-building & PR!.”

Takeshi Young, Global SEO Lead, DiDi

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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about SearchEye’s Writer Program. Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Please chat with our team.

Is this against the terms and conditions of Google?
I received a source that is not relevant, do I have to publish it?
I publish a lot of content, do you offer longer term engagements?
How and when do I get paid for including sources in my articles?