Unlimited SEO through Automation

  • Our founders built it from the ground up over three years and with R & D costs in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.
  • Get on-boarded in minutes, not days or weeks!
  • All our processes are seamless, meticulously tracked and reported.
  • Fully automated link-building, leveraging over a dozen APIs and 35 different factors.

Hire My SEO Sucks


Why Invest in Technology?

When your SEO campaign is live, your dollars stretch much longer. Traditional agencies take half of your money and toss is straight into labour. With automation, your dollars go toward what works, high-speed web optimizations, original content and high-quality backlinks from our database of over 30,000 sites. Instead of a single account manager, who may be MIA when they’re on vacation, you get access to the whole lot of us on a 24/7 basis.

All our processes are seamless, meticulously tracked and reported. Every week all tasks completed on your file are laid out with full transparency, leaving no room for doubt or limits.

Can SEO truly be automated?

Yes and No. While technology is bridging the gap, SEO campaigns are still heavily dependent on the quality of the team providing the services. Our aim isn’t to automate SEO (that’s quite the lofty goal), but to break SEO into 1,000s of micro processes that can be handled by any of our trained employees. Out of those 1,000s of micro processes, we’re working on automating as many as possible, starting out at 0% and working our way up. We’ve currently automated about 40% of our monthly deliverables. This has helped us shed approximately 14 hours / month in labour for each campaign. The result: SEO that’s quicker, more responsive, and lower cost.

The other benefit of automation is scale. Under traditional agency plans you have a limited number of keywords, requests, optimizations, hours, and more. With us, SEO is unlimited. We scale with you instead of pushing back against your growth. The clients we serve quickly outpace their competitors with 360 degree SEO built for the future. Instead of a revolving door of clients, our software build relationships that could last a lifetime.


What type of work does My SEO Sucks Automate?


01- Touch Points

My SEO Sucks built an automated touchpoint system that automatically sends the client an update as each deliverable is done. As a result, you’re notified in real-time of any updates.



My SEO Sucks has one of the most comprehensive link-building databases on the internet. Each site that we have access to has been meticuously tracked and segmented by: link-score (leveraging AHREFs and Moz API), category (with over 300 categories tracked), organic traffic (SEMrush) and 18 other metrics. Sites are matched up against keywords the client wants to rank for and assigned to one of our 100+ U.S. writers to generate the third party article. Our team has streamlined the process that it requires only 1 internal administrator to handle over 1,500 guest posts / month for clients.



Starting out, My SEO Sucks was manually sending out monthly reports that would take anywhere from 2-3 hours to generate. We implemented machine learning and AI, to spot in real-time, any issues associated with the campaign (flags issues in our project management tool immediately and tasks it out to one of our SEO analysts). We also leverage Natural Language Generation. Reporting can now be done weekly, within minutes, vs hours. That time can be used for more productive things related to your campaign.