ClearWay Law SEO Case Study

While we retained My SEO Sucks to help generate leads and long-term value through a focused SEO strategy, they went above and beyond and helped the business scale through marketing automation, digital PR and business consulting. This team gets legal marketing on a large scale.

Alistair Vigier
CEO, ClearWay Law

ClearWay Law was created to improve the family law process by providing services that inform, educate and assist people going through one of the hardest times of their lives.



  • Needed to ramp up inbound leads before its next funding round
  • Needed a strategic partner with the right knowledge and expertise across all digital marketing avenues
  • Client sought to become a market leader through multiple avenues in a competitive marketing sphere
  • Wanted to break even within 3 months


  • Build a comprehensive Digital PR / linkbuilding strategy
  • Scale content strategy and target 1,000s of long-tail keywords
  • Meticulous analysis of inbound traffic behaviour and developing multiple conversion tools such as form captures and live chat capabilities
  • Precise lead & revenue numbers shared on weekly calls, equipping the team with both raw numbers, as well as a plan of action.


  • SEO accounts for approximately 85% of all leads
  • Grew traffic by 1,155% y/y and leads by 1,271% y/y
  • Improved quality of traffic and subsequent leads
  • Become an authority in the space through Digital PR


Dominating in a Competitive Industry

As an early-stage legal Startup, ClearWay Law needed a fast, cost-effective way of ramping up leads to hit their revenue milestones and support the growth of their team.

Starting out, the client had minimal brand recognition with little to no authority in the space. With the client setting lofty goals, they needed a company that could help scale and manage complexity as the business grew. The long-term goal was to become the largest and most noteworthy family law firm across Canada.

Alistair Vigier is no stranger to the legal industry. He helped build a small law firm in Vancouver to a North American powerhouse. Alistair understands the value of SEO and understands the importance of sustainable growth:

“In an early-stage startup, all that matters is growth. Search marketing is intent based, with 1,000s of searches happening daily. While I knew SEO was the long-term strategy our firm wanted to take, finding a reliable partner who’s as invested as we are is a challenge. SEO tends to be an industry with a high churn rate”

My SEO Sucks has experience with many start-ups and law firms and jumped at the chance of scaling an innovative firm looking to turn the legal industry on its heels. Alistair knew he found the right partner:

“My SEO Sucks was aligned with our goals and vision,” he smiles. “I asked them for more than what a typical SEO engagement looks like, and they were actually excited to help execute on our vision. They got that SEO is fully encompassing, and just not about rankings. Plus, their track record with results spoke for itself.”


Scaling SEO at an unprecedented rate

When My SEO Sucks took on the campaign, one of the initial challenges faced was the lack of authority (linkbuilding), content and name recognition of the firm. The existing website, while brand new, was unfocused, slow and not optimized for lead generation.

As part of the on-boarding strategy, My SEO Sucks put the following in place:

  • 1. Digital PR Strategy
  • 2. Prospecting and Guest Post Outreach
  • 3. Content Marketing Plan
  • 4. Fix Slow Page Speed Loading
  • 5. Optimize site for lead generation
  • 6. Email Marketing
  • 7. Sales Guidance
  • 8. Analytics & Tracking


SEO results are a race, not a sprint. The chart below shows the four phases we follow to obtain optimal SEO results

Digital PR

As part of all SEO campaigns, My SEO Sucks incorporates quotes and mentions on high authority sources. This not only aids in the link-building process, but also provides social proof and legitimacy that the client can leverage.

My SEO Sucks also secured mentions in:

With the help of My SEO Sucks, ClearWay Law was able to further leverage these Digital PR mentions into marketing opportunities and improve their overall credibility. This included:

  • “Featured On” slider on the homepage (social proof)
  • Promoted hits on social media
  • Incorporations in email marketing and in client meetings

Prospecting and Guest Post Outreach

Getting high quality links should be a focal point of any SEO campaign. With ClearWay Law, we put together a unique pitch and sent 1000s of emails to legal-related sites, focusing on technical metrics, including: 30+ Domain Rating, low spam score, minimum 1,000 search hits / month (based on AHREFs data). Like all SEO campaigns that
My SEO Sucks handles, the focus is on quality and not quantity.

As a result of our prospecting, we were able to achieve backlinks on sites like:,,,,, and more…

Content Marketing Plan

Before signing on with My SEO Sucks, content was very thin, scattered, low quality and not targeted towards intent based search terms. As a result, My SEO Sucks put a 1-year plan together to target intent based keywords through location specific pages (i.e. Mississauga, Ottawa, Oakville, etc…) and more focused service pages.

To help with awareness, My SEO Sucks created 4-5 blog posts / month focused around long-tail keywords to drive additional traffic to the site (paired with re-marketing via Facebook / Instagram).

Fix Slow Page Speed Loading

One of the challenges we faced at the onset of the campaign was that it could take anywhere from 8-15 seconds to load a page. This can detrimentally effect the overall SEO.

My SEO Sucks moved all hosting to a client Digital Ocean account, setup proper caching and moved over all static images to a Content Delivery Network (CDN). This cut loading times down to 2 seconds / page and improved overall
SEO substantially.

Optimize Site for Lead Generation

The first version of the website, while clean, provided very few avenues to collect leads. My SEO Sucks built and installed Calendly to accept instant bookings through the site, setup chat through Zendesk and added several
forms and additional call-to-actions throughout the site.

As My SEO Sucks started growing traffic for ClearWay Law, leads and goal conversions were growing at an exponential rate

Email Marketing

While leads were flowing in for ClearWay Law, there were some issues with converting leads to customers (as with most businesses). My SEO Sucks setup drip email campaigns that would automatically reach out to potential

While this is not typically in scope of what our firm does, we are committed to success and helping each client to the extent of our expertise. Our firm concerned ourselves full service with our larger and enterprise clients.


Marketing materials are a luxury for companies starting out. Unfortunately, they’re a necessity when trying to sell a client on a high value service. My SEO Sucks helped create sales and marketing brochures, eBooks and other documents designed to bring in and close leads on a consistent basis. Here are the first 4 pages of the brochure for ClearWay Law:

Analytics & Tracking

As a start-up, ClearWay Law had to prove to its investors that money was allocated as efficiently as possible. My SEO Sucks setup call, form and booking goal conversions via Google Tag Manager / Google Analytics to track where leads were coming from.

Through weekly SEO reporting (provided on all SEO campaigns), the company owner and marketing team could see in near real-time how the SEO campaign was performing.

As part of My SEO Sucks services, we also provide real-time keyword rankings data and real-time analytics via Google Data Studio.


Ultimately, the success of any campaign is built around specific Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). In the case of My SEO Sucks and ClearWay Law, KPIs were focused around organic search traffic, goal conversions and # of leads coming in through organic search.

The following are % improvements from last 30 days (compared to the previous year):

KPI % Increase
Search Traffic 1,096%
Goal Conversions 1,086%
Leads 623%

In addition, My SEO Sucks sets its own KPIs around depth and breadth of keywords a client ranks for, how many keywords are ranked in the top 20, and how many “money” keywords are on the first page

# of Keywords Ranked in the Top 100 (Canada)

Organic Keywords 3,383

# of Keywords Tracked

First Page for Top Keywords in the Space

A New Top-Performing Channel

Within a few short months, My SEO Sucks was already generating a positive ROI for ClearWay Law on its SEO efforts. Thanks to My SEO Sucks’ thorough tracking and tight internal processes, the scale of the campaign has grown and more budget has been allocated to SEO on the strength of their results:

“SEO is our largest recurring spend each month, so of course that’s the first thing that gets looked at,” Alistair explains. “I’ve never felt that I didn’t have my SEO numbers, and I can show a high-volume number of leads and prove the impact on the business. In fact, when we receive additional budget, SEO is one of the first channels we feed with incremental dollars as I can tell in a few weeks that our leads and pipeline has increased as a result.”

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