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As a PR firm, we often have specific KPIs that we need to hit. For each of our clients, we always utilize My SEO Sucks’ outreach service to make sure our clients get results

Jordan Whelan

CEO, Grey Smoke Media

As a PR firm, we often have specific KPIs that we need to hit. For each of our clients, we always utilize My SEO Sucks’ outreach service to make sure our clients get results.

Alistair Vigier

CEO, ClearWay Law

Over the last 3 years, we’ve worked with numerous businesses and generated and additional $27M in revenue with our SEO strategy



Technical SEO

We work directly with over 10,000 publishers across the web. This allows us to provide lower costs and offer higher quality publications.

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We’re serious about links. Every site we work with goes through a strict process: domain rating, organic traffic, link background, and 15+ other factors.

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Content Marketing

All content is written by experienced writers in either the U.S., U.K. or Canada. All mentions are designed to fit organically into each article.

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Manual Outreach

It’s simple, but labor-intensive: Editors at prominent websites want to publish your expert knowledge and link to your business.

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Digital PR

Get featured on some of the largest and most well-known sites on the web, including: Forbes, Entrepreneur.com SeekingAlpha, Business.com, BusinessInsider.com and More.

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Podcast Marketing

Podcasts are always looking for experts who can add value to their show. We’ll work to get your foot in the door with the top podcasts in your industry.

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    How Can SEO Grow My Business?

    97% of consumers search for small businesses online. It’s our job to make sure consumers find your business when they do search. A strong SEO strategy drives search traffic relevant to your industry straight to your business. In turn, this leads to more visibility for your business and more customers. Organic SEO not only is more cost-effective than paid listings, it yields longer lasting results and higher ranking with search engines.

    Still have some questions?

    No! Too many SEO companies are relying on outdated practices that produce mediocre results. SEO is what we eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner. This means knowing what SEO strategies are working today versus last year. There are plenty of cookie-cutter SEO companies out there… we’re just not one of them.

    Lots of so-called "SEO experts" claim to produce results, but few can back it up with a proven track record. Not only do we stay on top of best-practices within the industry, but we utilize the latest technology to enhance our SEO prowess. It's our mission to not only provide the best service to clients but to do so at a fraction of the cost of traditional agencies.

    Absolutely! We see this as a very important part of the link-building process. We have minimum traffic requirements based on the domain rating (DR) or product chosen. We’re not trying to just execute on deliverables but be a partner in the growth of either your website or agency.

    Absolutely! Unlike traditional agencies that are good at selling, we put our money where our mouth is. We leverage SearchEye.io for scaling our own properties.

    No. We have invested a lot of money in building a world class SEO platform. Anything else will take our focus away from our objectives of helping clients get found via organic search.

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