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PestWorld increased monthly leads by 3.5x


HSHQ increased annual revenues by 8.5x

All Plans Include On-Going:

InstaFamous! Get high authority links in popular blogs and news sites. SearchEye automatically builds your 3rd party content calendar each month based on our relationship with 50,000+ blogs and sites.

Our initial audit identifies 1,000s of issues including site structure, metas, headers and more. Our team will implement each change. SearchEye also provides on-going site recommendations monthly.

SearchEye provides quarterly content recommendations and custom content guidelines. SearchEye also integrates with various award-winning content agencies to easily turn recommendations into high quality, crafted content!

While SearchEye is hard at work providing on-going recommendations, our highly skilled and trained team is busy implementing those recommendations.

Have a success manager alongside each step of the way. We are watching your campaign 24/7 and providing on-going recommendations on a daily basis.


How much does it cost to hire a full-time SEO Manager

Digital Marketing Manager

(Average Salary - USA)

Average Base Pay


Additional Cash Compensation
Average $8,016
Range $1,446 - $24,310

The average base pay for a digital marketing manager is $77,015 / year. This is sourced from GlassDoor.com which compiles average U.S. salaries data.

At $77,015 per year, you’re looking at more than $6,000 per month!

This does not include software subscriptions, such as AHREF, SEMRush, Moz or costs to actually rank your business such as content, links and additional technical services. You could potentially be looking at upwards of $100,000 per year, or $8,200 per month!

With SearchEye, we remove the need to have a full-time SEO manager. This is automated using our proprietary technology. Best of all, we can deliver a comparable level of service starting at $599 / month.

Every single dollar you spend must generate a very clear Return on Investment. While a digital marketing manager may make sense for some businesses, typically, that manager doesn’t have the skills, infrastructure or expertise to manage a complex SEO campaign. If you’re looking at scaling up your search strategy, SearchEye can help cut costs, reduce overhead and add value to your business.

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