Searcheye Launches Links Pro Membership -

Searcheye Launches Links Pro Membership

Flat Price Links, Digital PR, Exclusive Opportunities, access to 5,000+ opportunities.

Chris Porteous May 16, 2023 1 min read

We are excited to announce the official launch of our Links Pro membership program at Designed with a focus on scalability and control, Links Pro revolutionizes your search marketing strategy, helping your brand reach new heights in search traffic and organic visibility.

As part of the program, Links Pro offers the following benefits to your existing Searcheye account:

Flat Rate Links

Links Pro introduces a more streamlined and cost-effective approach to acquiring links. Instead of paying varying prices per link, which could range anywhere from $300 to $1000, we’ve standardized the pricing. With Links Pro, you can purchase tokens starting at just $289 per mention (with savings up to 80%), ensuring predictability in your link-building budget.

Exclusive Links

Searcheye’s Exclusive Links feature sets us apart from traditional link-building services. This feature presents you with the opportunity to get your brand mentioned on some of the most highly respected websites on the Internet. We’re talking about renowned platforms like,,,, and more. Not only does your brand get to appear on these prestigious sites, but it also gets woven into content crafted by some of the most talented global writers.

Free Links

Links Pro membership also opens doors to exclusive offers for free links and mentions, subject to availability. This value-added feature lets you optimize your digital PR efforts without any additional cost.

Shop the ENTIRE List

As a Links Pro member, you gain access to our expansive database of over 5,000 link-building opportunities. This isn’t just your regular database; it includes those hard-to-get opportunities we offer on 3pm links, but now you have thousands of possibilities for link inserts, guest posts, and digital PR. It’s a treasure trove of opportunities waiting to be tapped!

See Before You Buy

We believe in transparency and want you to feel confident about your purchases. With Links Pro, you can see each URL before checking out. We also provide samples, giving you an exact idea of what your article or mention will look like. This feature ensures you know precisely what you’re getting, helping you make informed decisions.

Additional Benefits

The perks of being a Links Pro member don’t end here! As a member, you’ll enjoy an additional 10% off on all links, further driving your cost efficiency. Plus, you’ll receive $50 in credits each month, adding more value to your link-building efforts.

Become a Links Pro member today

Join Links Pro today and take control of your search marketing strategy. Discover how effortless link-building can be when you have the right tools and opportunities at your fingertips. To learn more, check out our pricing page here.

The Technology Behind SearchEye

The SearchEye platform becomes smarter the more you use it. Every time you purchase a deliverable, all inputs and outputs are added to the system for learning. While all work is performed by our SEO “ninjas”, we make sure each of them have every possible data point to execute on your campaigns.