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“My SEO Sucks helped ClearWay Law increase organic traffic by 1,155%
y/y and leads by 1,271% in just 1 year!”
Alistair Vigier

While we retained My SEO Sucks to help generate leads and long-term value through a focused SEO strategy, they went above and beyond and helped the business scale through marketing automation, digital PR and business consulting. This team gets legal marketing on a large scale.

Alistair Vigier
CEO, ClearWay Law

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How SearchEye scales up your SEO Strategy

Technical SEO

As part of on-boarding (and on-going work), our technology provides comprehensive recommendations to properly structure your site. This includes:

  • Meta tags
  • 301 Redirects
  • Headers
  • Content Recommendations (& Deficiencies)
  • URL / Internal Page Structure
  • Link-Building

Our team conducts a quick QC, provides final recommendations and sends your way for approval. Once approved, the work is automatically tasked out, completed and reported on.

With our tech and automation, we can conduct these audits in hours, with implementation only taking a few days. No BS, start seeing results ASAP.

As part of our on-going work, SearchEye is always looking for new recommendations and ways to improve your site. We’ll identify missing Schema, new keywords and content opportunities (through our automated Gap Analysis tool). We’re focused on always scaling, with our tech working around the clock to help you dominate your competitors and generate leads.

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Content Strategy

You’ve heard the phrase “Content is King”. A bit of a cliche, but it’s true. Now how do you know what to write about? Easy, focus content on what people are searching for.

While our team prepares the quarterly content recommendations using various APIs & tools, we also prepare the content outlines (for each piece of content). 

Quarterly Content Strategy

Content Page Outline:

Like most people, you probably don’t want to write the content yourself (it’s time-consuming and can often be tedious). When on-boarding, you can select how many pieces of content you’d like / month and our team will take care of the rest. Our tools automatically integrate with various content APIs that will send all the necessary info directly to a writer. By removing the middle man with technology, we can turn around content in days (not weeks).

All content is uploaded by our team, prettied up and heavily optimized for conversions. 

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An often overlooked component of SEO, FAQs are playing a larger part in the SEO process. There are three benefits on focusing

First, FAQs combined with Schema on each page can create opportunities to improve click-thru rates and capture more searches. Google is now showing FAQs directly in search results.

Second, optimizing your FAQ and content for position 0. This is the “People Also Ask” area, which also correlated strongly with Google voice results.

Third, conversion rate optimization. By answering questions on-site that people commonly search, a potential customer is more likely to contact you regarding your product or service.

Example FAQ Recommendations for a Client:

Now, how does SearchEye optimize for the above? We scrape search results for each keyword you want to rank for, compile 100s (sometimes 1000s of FAQs) and automatically filter them based on a unique algorithm we’ve built. Afterwards, an SEO analyst performs a quick QC and removes non-recommended terms. What would take 10-15 hours to compile can now be done in under an hour. This improves turn around times, helps your company scale up and reduces costs.

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Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Conversion Rate Optimization and SEO go hand-in-hand. Without 1, the other is useless. We can drive 1000s of qualified customers to your site or business, but if they drop off during that process, who cares?

For all Pro campaigns, we setup heatmapping (to map the customer journey), conduct analysis, optimize various call-to-actions (CTAs), understand the customer journey and A/B test. Through on-going optimization, we’re able to help your business capture more leads. This is all happening while we’re focused on scaling traffic and users to your site, making CRO + SEO a very powerful method of scaling your business through a focused search strategy.

Is this automated? Ahah, I wish. But we’ve tightened the process so much that we’re able to scale this across 1000s of campaigns and conduct as efficiently as possible.

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Digital PR

Link-Building, or Digital PR as we refer to it, is the heart of any SEO strategy. We can scale up your content, add FAQs, tighten up your website design, A/B test and more, but what good is that if you have no authority. 

What was previously a very tedious and manual process, we found a way to automate this. We generate 10s of 1,000s of links / month for agencies and businesses across the globe.

How do we do this on scale?

We have a team of over 50 people who are emailing bloggers across the globe. Pitching to them high-quality content in exchange for a mention to your business. Each relationship we have is catalogued in our database, and integrated with various SEO tools including AHREFs, Moz, SEMrush, and more… 

Depending on the “Digital PR” plan you have selected, we’ll automatically pair you up with relevant sites and get you mentions on there. We use 100s of American and Canadian writers who craft high-quality content for bloggers, while incorporating a link to your site. Everyone wins!

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What good is our work if you have no idea to track it’s success. ROI is king! No longer do you have to wait for monthly reports that are incomplete or focused on only “positive” aspects. We’re transparent in what we do, and our reports reflect that.

In addition to live keyword rankings and analytics data (via SerpBook and Google Data Studio), we’ll also send out non-branded (or custom branded) reports each week that include some more colour on keyword traffic, search rankings, and tasks completed (for the week). We use Natural Language Generation (NLG) to provide commentary based on Google Analytics and keyword data.

Google Data Studio Integration:

Weekly reporting just isn’t enough. SearchEye also provides touchpoints (which can be custom branded) whenever a task is completed (or requires feedback). Never be in the dark on what’s going on. 

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“With SearchEye, we’ve been able to grow revenues by 45% over the past quarter. With a focused SEO strategy around content, strong technical SEO and Digital PR, we’re ranking for 1,000s of new keywords.”




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Frequently Asked SEO Questions

Traditionally, SEO campaigns were managed and conducted by an account manager. The role of the account manager is to source backlinks, manage on-site recommendations and strategy. This role is quite expensive for an agency. With SEO automation, SearchEye.io has been able to automate this role (to an extent), which means that your budget ($) can towards actual work.
SearchEye is a complete, end-to-end SEO solution for SMBs and Agencies. We handle the keyword research, on-site optimization, FAQs, content, link-building, reporting and more. If your company has an internal marketing manager, we can also work with them directly to build and execute on a 360 SEO solution.
SearchEye takes your monthly requirements (set in your client dashboard), automatically tasks them out and provides all the necessary details to deliver the perfect product. We’re obsessed with processes and automation. In turn, cutting out the account manager allows us to cut your monthly costs by 50-75%, and improves the overall speed that our team can scale up your search strategy.
This can vary highly based on your budget, industry and current standing. On average, our clients typically see a 55% increase in traffic (y/y). In addition to the SEO improvements we make, we also provide on-site recommendations to improve your ability to generate leads. Some law firms generate between 30-60 new leads / month from our efforts, other industries (such as real estate, contractors, roofers, etc...) see between 10-20 new leads. Typically, we recommend clients start small (the Standard plan) and then scale up as their ROI increases.
Typically companies, who force 12-month contracts, will tell you between 6-8 months. However, as we've automated one of the most costly positions in an SEO agency, all of our efforts are towards work that generates tangible results. Our clients can see results in as quickly as 2-3 months. This is on a case-by-case basis, however.
We provide weekly reports and updates, you'll also have a link to live rankings. Typically, you'll start to see your rankings improve (with more keywords in the top 10), as well as the breadth of keywords that currently rank (as measured using AHREFs). There can be a lag between improved keyword rankings -> increase in traffic -> improvement in leads.
There is no right or wrong answer here. At SearchEye, we believe everything is relative. We always educate clients that results don't happen overnight. More importantly, seeing gradual improvements in traffic is a strong metric of success.
In short, Yes! With the right team in place, every single one of our clients using SearchEye has seen an overall increase in leads and sales.
This can vary significantly. We typically tell clients that your ROI is negative in the first 1-2 months, breakeven in months 2-4, and then "ALL GRAVY" going forward. The longer you are running an SEO campaign/strategy, the greater the results. For companies that have larger revenue per user (i.e. family law), they can see returns of upwards of 100x on their investment.
Unfortunately, it is not. Some parts of it can be (i.e. technical on-site structure), but it requires constant on-going work. This includes building links to your site on a monthly basis, building and implementing a succinct content strategy and keeping up with the latest trends (i.e. FAQ schema).

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