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SearchEye for Publishers

Earn credits for strategically integrating brands into your content, diversify your revenue streams, and boost your site’s visibility by 800%+ with world-class collaborations that drive real traffic and engagement.

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  • Earn Credits ($)
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Verify Publisher Eligibility

Verify Publisher Eligibility

Curious? Check your eligibility by entering your website URL; it just takes a few seconds. Discover how you can connect with top brands, enhance your content, and grow your audience effortlessly with SearchEye.

in 3 Simple Steps

Say goodbye to manual outreach and let SearchEye simplify your collaboration process.

Step 1Integrate

Receive collaboration pitches with topics, briefs, and brand integration recommendations.

Step 2Publish

Incorporate brands into your articles or let SearchEye's team handle content and integration end-to-end.

Step 3Scale

Earn credits for your own brand mentions or withdraw to support your business.

The Future of

Tired of building direct relationships with other brands and publishers? Let SearchEye take that burden off your shoulders, freeing up your time to focus on what you do best – growing your business. Our platform eliminates 1000s of outreach emails, avoids tedious negotiations, and leverages a dynamic model to ensure fair and balanced collaborations.

Connect with World-Class Brands and Publishers

Partner with top brands and leverage their audiences through the SearchEye marketplace.

  • Precisely select the industry, business type, traffic, and authority for the perfect partnership

  • Enjoy full control with double opt-in collaboration approval

  • Eliminate negotiations and outreach; let the right brands come to you

Extend Your Marketing Efforts

Diversify your revenue streams and earn credits that can be used for your own brand mentions or withdrawn to support your business.

  • Augment your existing marketing budget

  • Source quality content and expert recommendations

  • Drive real traffic and engagement

Success Stories

See why the world’s best companies choose SearchEye to drive leads, traffic and revenue organically through brand collaborations.

Case Study: VPN Industry

Powering Incredible Search Performance in the Cutthroat VPN Space

In the fiercely competitive VPN market, one player faced dwindling traffic and pressure from incumbents. Through SearchEye, this brand was able to collaborate with industry leaders to rejuvenate their online presence.


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New Searches / Month

Secured mentions on Canva, G2, ATT and more!

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Benefits & Features

Discover how SearchEye (for Publishers) can elevate your content, streamline your collaborations, and drive your growth.

World-Class Brands and Publishers

Forge high-quality collaborations that benefit both sides and drive meaningful results.

  • Precisely select the industry, business type, traffic, and authority to find the perfect fit
  • Ensure mutually beneficial partnerships with our double opt-in system
  • Leverage a dynamic model that rewards you based on 17 different factors for fair collaborations

Effortless Management

Simplify your workflow with the SearchEye platform, making collaboration easier than ever.

  • Eliminate 1000s of outreach emails and reduce brand email reputation risk
  • Skip the hassle of negotiating and providing content strategy
  • Manage everything directly with one-click approvals and publishing from email, saving you time and effort

Customize Your Offers

Tailor your collaborations by offering various types of content opportunities to brands: New Articles, Existing Articles, Podcasts, Social Media, etc.

  • Select Your Partners: Specify the types of brands you want to collaborate with, ensuring only fitting brands can partner with you
  • Choose Your Integrations: Offer different types of brand integrations, from links and expert quotes to full features, each with varying credit payouts

Streamline Your Publishing and Earnings with SearchEye


Absolutely Nothing

Joining the SearchEye platform is completely free, giving you access to world-class collaborations without any upfront costs. Maximize your content’s potential and grow your audience effortlessly.

Publish at Your Pace

Take control of your schedule and publish content when it suits you best. There are no deadlines or pressures, allowing you to manage your workflow effectively.

Monetize Effortlessly

Earn credits and passive income with each collaboration. Use those credits to promote your own brand or withdraw them to support your business needs.

Complete Control

Specify your collaboration requirements and select the brands you want to work with. Customize your offers to fit your audience and content strategy perfectly.

Asked Questions

No, we take brand safety very seriously. Only relevant brands and publishers on premium plans (or those that have been thoroughly vetted) will be able to see website URLs, if relevant to their niche.

Of course! To ensure integrity, we operate on a double-opt-in basis. Both brands and publishers must agree to the integration.

We've built a complex pricing model to ensure fairness for everyone. For mid-tier publishers, it may take 1-2 brand integrations to get onto a high-tier publisher. High-tier publishers may earn enough credits to get multiple brand integrations.

Of course! We highly recommend this approach. With SearchEye, you’ll get to work with amazing publishers and brands that you wouldn’t normally have the opportunity to collaborate with.

Brands can request links, expert quotes, brand mentions, interviews, and full features on publishing websites. Publishers have the right to select what they want to offer. The more integrated the brand is in an article, the more credits the publisher will earn.

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