10 Highest Paying Jobs in Canada


Traffic 282K

10 Highest Paying Jobs in Canada


Traffic 282K

10 Highest Paying Jobs in Canada


Traffic 282K

Brand Features

Elevate your brand's presence with full feature articles in leading media outlets. Use this opportunity to educate your audience, announce new products, and showcase reviews of your offerings. Join SearchEye to transform your business into a recognized industry authority, driving the narrative with your innovations and insights.

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In 3 Simple Steps

Get your brand noticed by the right audience. Launch effective strategic publisher collaborations in just three easy steps with the SearchEye marketplace.

Step 1Find Your Collaboration

Explore our marketplace to find the perfect publishing partners for your brand.

Step 2Place Your Request

Customize and submit your collaboration details to perfectly match your brand’s needs.

Step 3Receive Your Placement

Get your placement approved and published, watch your brand (and search) visibility soar.

Why Trust SearchEye for
Brand Features

SearchEye effortlessly connects brands with leading publishers, crafts compelling content tailored to your audience, and guarantees publication in chosen media outlets. With our data-driven approach, exclusive media relationships, and commitment to quality, we ensure that your brand not only gets seen but remembered.

Reach your target audience

Connect with top-tier publishers and journalists whose readership aligns with your target audience, ensuring your expert quotes are featured in respected and widely-read outlets.

Establish Credibility

Solidify your reputation as a leading authority in your field by sharing your insights and expertise through high-impact publications.

Increased Search Visibility

Boost your online presence and search visibility by being quoted in reputable media outlets, driving more organic traffic to your profile or website.

Say Goodbye to Manual Outreach

Save time and resources with direct access to media opportunities, eliminating the need for traditional, time-consuming outreach efforts.

Streamlined Process

Experience a seamless journey from selecting opportunities to approving quotes with just a few simple steps, facilitated by our user-friendly platform.

Collaborative Features

Invite team members to contribute to the process, from selecting opportunities to reviewing final quotes, enhancing the collaborative effort and ensuring consistency in your brand's voice and message.

Case Study: B2B Fintech Platform

From Up and Coming to Outranking the IRS

Turning Organic Search Into This B2B Saas Company's Largest Revenue Channel


Raising a seed round, this brand had zero online presence. Through SearchEye, this startup went from up and coming to an industry leader outranking the IRS and investopedia in less than 18 months!

  • The new site was driving less than 1,000 users / month to their site
  • With SearchEye, the brand now outranks IRS for terms like Wyoming LLC

New Keywords Ranked Year-Over-Year


New Searches / Month Year-Over-Year

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Asked Questions

SearchEye connects your brand with media outlets that offer full feature articles, dedicating entire pieces to showcasing your brand's story, products, or services. Once you request a collaboration, we pitch your brand to the publisher to get it approved. After approval, we work closely with the publisher to ensure your brand is presented in the most compelling way.

SearchEye's matching algorithm ensures that you are only shown media outlets that align with your brand's industry and target audience. We analyze your brand’s online presence and key attributes to match you with opportunities that are a good fit, ensuring meaningful and relevant full features.

Each publisher provides an estimated turnaround time (TAT) from when you request the collaboration. On average, you can expect your brand to be featured within 10 to 35 days, depending on the demand and availability of relevant opportunities.

After your brand is featured, we recommend sharing the feature on social media, adding it to your marketing materials, and featuring it on your website (e.g., "As Featured In") to maximize exposure. Engaging with the audience by responding to comments and sharing additional insights can also enhance the impact. Our platform provides tips and best practices for post-feature activities to help you maximize the benefits of your media exposure.

Yes, there is a subscription fee to access all publications on the platform. The SearchEye marketplace operates on a "per placement" basis, meaning you only pay for each successful feature. Pricing varies depending on the publication's traffic, notoriety, industry, and other factors. For more information, please contact us or create a free account to explore the available options.

As a SOC2 compliant platform, we maintain stringent data management standards, sharing only necessary information to fulfill collaboration opportunities and safeguarding your brand’s confidential details.

Your brand can be featured in a variety of media outlets, including industry-specific publications, online magazines, and authoritative blogs. Our network includes specialized outlets that align with your brand's niche, ensuring relevant and impactful full features.

Yes, SearchEye is a marketplace that connects brands with publishers. You can select the media outlets that best align with your brand’s goals and target audience. Our platform shows you the highest matching publications based on your brand profile and offers filtering options to help you select the best opportunities.

While we provide some analytics on the impact of your brand features on search visibility, it's challenging to measure the full impact. We recommend sharing these features on social media, including them in your marketing materials, and featuring them on your website. This comprehensive approach helps enhance your brand's visibility and credibility in multiple ways beyond just generating leads.

Of course! Each publication and offer includes a sample of what the feature will roughly look like. Additionally, we have case studies, testimonials, and examples of past successful brand features available on our website to showcase the impact of our platform.

We manually vet publishers and use a sophisticated AI to match your brand with opportunities that fit your industry and target audience, filtering out irrelevant options to ensure meaningful and high-quality features.

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