Best Landing Page Builder for Creating Stunning Websites

Best Landing Page Builder for Creating Stunning Websites

Chris Porteous Chris Porteous Jul 4, 2023 8 mins read
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Landing pages are one of the most effective digital marketing tools that generate excellent audience engagement and conversion. In recent years, these channels have become more crucial in today’s fast-paced digital landscape, where online competition is becoming more aggressive. 

The good news is that creating landing pages has become increasingly more accessible today as modern technology progresses. Many powerful landing page builders are now available to help businesses create stunning and high-converting pages for their campaigns. 

Keep reading to know more about landing page builders. Discover the many vital features to consider in one and some of the best tools available for a high-converting landing page.

Key Takeaways
  • Landing pages are digital marketing materials that enable businesses to communicate with and convert their target audience.
  • Before, people needed web design and development skills to create landing pages. However, thanks to landing page builders, this task has become accessible to anyone.
  • Various online tools are available to help businesses create stunning landing pages that resonate with their target audience while maintaining brand consistency.
  • Some of the vital features these tools offer include template collection, A/B testing, and third-party integrations.

Why Use Landing Page Builders

A landing page builder is an online program that allows marketers to generate stunning and highly-optimized pages for various purposes, whether lead generation or call-to-action (CTA). These builders enable users to create attractive, functional landing pages with minimal coding and web design experience. 

Moreover, most of these tools provide various sets of landing page templates and functionalities that fit any marketing campaign, allowing marketers to save time designing and planning their landing pages. Plus, they can test out multiple versions of landing pages to ensure their effectiveness before launch.

Key Features To Consider

Today, various landing page builders are available to businesses. However, not all possess the right features to allow marketers and creators to communicate with and convert potential clients.

The following are some essential features your landing page builder must have:

Ease of use

An ideal landing page creator must understand that their users lack the necessary web development experience to code and create websites. Their features and functionalities must be user-friendly with a low learning curve. Generally, it must have a simple drag-and-drop editor with various design capabilities. Plus, it must allow users to save draft versions and duplicate or delete pages with ease.

Collection of templates

Builders must offer a vast collection of templates suitable for different campaigns. They must leverage data-driven design options to give users a perfect selection that applies the latest landing page practices. 

Furthermore, these templates must also be customizable, allowing users to modify font styles, add images, and more.

Integration options

The ideal builder must enable users to easily integrate various software and sites, allowing them to conduct multiple processes beyond presenting brand information. Some of the best integrations to consider include email marketing tools, payment gateways, and customer relationship management (CRM) systems.

A/B testing

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to creating effective landing pages. Some marketers might think copying concepts from other brands is a good idea. However, there’s no guarantee that what works for one campaign will work for another. 

A great landing page tool must provide A/B testing to users. That way, they can compare different versions of their landing page designs to identify and optimize the best one.


Landing pages are valuable digital marketing tools that can generate leads and conversions. That’s why the perfect builder must offer comprehensive analytics tools, enabling users to assess campaign performance. They must enable users to study metrics like views, bounce rates, and conversion rates.

Mobile optimization

Mobile-friendly websites have become the norm in today’s digital marketing landscape. Brands just can’t publish a website and call it a day. They have to ensure that all their pages work across multiple devices. 

The same applies to landing pages. Builders must allow users to create landing pages they can optimize for mobile use so the target audience can access them on their computers and mobile devices.


Finally, the ideal landing page builders must provide reasonable pricing for their features. Most trusted tools offer free plans or trial versions and different packages for various needs.

Best Landing Page Builders To Try

Listed below are some of the best landing page builders you can try. These tools possess all the necessary features and more:


Unbounce is one of the pioneer landing page builders available today. It leverages today’s data and artificial intelligence (AI) to let users create custom landing pages faster than most builders. 

This platform provides various features for beginners and highly advanced users. For instance, it allows users to design their landing pages freely and play with hundreds of template selections. Unbounce’s landing pages are also mobile-friendly. Plus, it offers a feature called dynamic text replacement, allowing users to add personalization elements to their campaigns.

Unbounce offers four packages, starting at 99 USD a month for their standard plan. It includes unlimited landing pages, pop-ups, sticky bars, and more.


Clickfunnels is a platform that focuses entirely on the complete funnel experience through segmented landing pages. It provides some of the best features to increase conversions, like sales-focused functionalities and pre-made landing page funnels. Clickfunnels also offers free books and webinars about generating leads and converting them. 

Some of this platform’s best features include membership funnels, webinar funnels, and checkout funnels. It also provides email marketing automation, A/B split testing, and video editing. Plus, Clickfunnels allow integration with prominent third-party programs like Salesforce, Mailchimp, and more. 

Clickfunnels offer three packages for their landing page builders, starting with the Basic plan at 147 USD per month. This package includes 20 funnels, unlimited workflows, and up to 10,000 contacts. 


With millions of users worldwide, Wix has become one of the top choices for creating landing pages today. Its rise to fame is no surprise, considering its easy-to-use interface that offers the lowest learning curve among all the builders available, making it the best option for beginners and small businesses.

This platform offers a highly intuitive drag-and-drop functionality that allows users to craft landing pages and whole websites. Wix also houses various pre-built templates and integration options with apps like Google Analytics, Facebook Catalog, TikTok Pixel, and Google Ads Conversions. The platform also integrates over 50 payment solutions, making it an excellent choice for creating e-Commerce landing pages. 

Wix is free to use for everyone. However, it provides different packages for website creation and e-commerce integration. Starting at 4.50 USD per month, users can start with the Connect Domain package with a custom domain, free SSL certificate, 24/7 customer support, and more. 


ConvertKit is a popular marketing hub platform that enables marketers and content creators to grow their brand’s audience, automate their marketing efforts, and thrive in e-Commerce. 

While the platform offers a collection of robust features, its landing page builder is a tool businesses should explore. 

ConvertKit’s landing page builder provides stunning templates that are highly customizable. It also offers access to thousands of free images through its partnership with Unsplash. Moreover, the platform offers various third-party integrations, including top names like Squarespace, Shopify, and 

This platform’s free version already offers unlimited landing pages, forms, and broadcasts, perfect for new creators building their lists. For additional features, ConvertKit offers the Creator plan for 9 USD a month and the Creator Pro plan for 25 USD a month, perfect for growing and established creators and brands. 


Leadpages is one of the most notable builders among small businesses because of its simple yet intuitive user interface and helpful features. Some of this platform’s best features include a drag-and-drop editor, an image library, and digital file hosting and delivery. Leadpages also have mobile-responsive landing page builders that are SEO-friendly

In addition, this platform provides a built-in cart checkout with secure online payment integration through Paypal, Stripe, and Gumroad. The platform also offers chatbots to ensure a seamless and user-friendly checkout process. 

Leadpages offers two packages, starting with the Standard plan at 37 USD a month. This package includes alert bars, unlimited traffic and leads, a free custom domain, and more.  


Instapage is a robust landing page builder that offers highly customizable features focusing on user experience. The drag-and-drop editor provides various noteworthy functions like mobile responsive pages, flexible widgets, and third-party integration options from apps like ActiveCampaign, Autopilot, and Hubspot.  

Instapage also boasts an extensive collection of layouts tested and optimized for conversion. Plus, it provides faster-loading pages with or without Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). Other key features of Instapage include real-time team collaboration, A/B testing, and built-in heatmaps. 

Instapage provides all the features mentioned and more in their Build plan, priced at 199 USD a month. The platform also features a customized package in its Convert plan, with pricing based on a client’s unique goals and business needs.


Hubspot is an all-in-one platform famous for offering some of the best free CRM, inbound marketing, and social media management features. However, Hubspot’s landing page creator is also a tool worth considering. 

Hubspot’s landing page creator helps users craft stunning landing pages by providing customizable pre-made templates and enabling them to add multimedia content. Plus, this builder’s robust A/B testing can simultaneously serve up to five versions of the same landing pages. 

Moreover, Hubspot enables users to create personalized pages by leveraging the platform’s CRM data. Users can also integrate Hubspot’s various marketing automation features for their landing pages. 

Hubspot offers various packages for its marketing solutions. The platform’s landing page builder starts at 18 USD per month with the Starter plan, complete with email marketing, live chat, and more.


This powerful email marketing platform helps users grow their email lists, boost their online sales, and engage with their customers through automation and website builder tools. Its landing page creator offers various competitive features, allowing users to build attractive standalone web pages that perfectly fit any email campaign. 

One of the highlights of GetResponse’s landing page builder is its ability to host emails and automated funnels. This platform also offers quality funnel analytics that analyzes open rates, click-through rates (CTR), bounces, and conversions. Plus, it allows users to plan follow-up emails based on current data. 

Moreover, GetResponse also enables users to add web push notifications, activate autoresponders, and generate code to ensure mobile responsiveness. This platform’s prices start at 15.58 USD per month with its Email Marketing package, complete with the abovementioned features, plus 24/7 chat support and signup forms and pop-ups. 

Swipe Pages

One of the many advantages that Swipe Pages have among the tools listed here is offering premium features at an affordable price. Its prices start at 29 USD a month with its Startup plan, complete with multiple incredible features. 

Swipe Pages offer fast and mobile-optimized landing pages powered by AMP. These landing pages don’t use codes for the platform’s various advanced features, including its drag-and-drop builder, templates, e-Commerce checkouts, and third-party integrations. 

This platform also offers hosting with SSL and CDN and competitive full chat and email support. Plus, it provides users with thorough analytics and conversion tracking. 


Landingi is a new player in the field. However, it packs various noteworthy features that marketers must consider. For one, it boasts a stunning collection of templates and reusable smart sections that fit any campaign. It also integrates all the major email marketing providers and payment gateways, including Mailchimp, Paypal, and Zapier. 

Other key features of Landingi include a drag-and-drop editor, funnel creation, pop-ups, and A/B testing. This platform also offers unlimited landing pages, conversions, and user accounts. Plus, it offers free migration for up to three landing pages. 

Landingi’s paid plans start with the Professional package at 49 USD a month. This plan includes all the above features, complete with real-time data sync, quick chat and phone support, and one-year data retention.

  Pro Tip

The tools mentioned above offer different unique features to create the perfect landing page. However, before investing in any landing page builder, it’s best to try their free versions first. This approach allows you to find the right one you’re compatible with in terms of a platform’s designer tool, A/B tester, and other vital features.

Build an Engaging Landing Page Today

Landing page builders have revolutionized how marketers create and optimize their landing pages for engagement and conversion. While the tools mentioned above enable users to create stunning landing pages for their campaigns, they may not offer the right content needed to connect with the target audience. 

Make your landing pages more attractive by leveraging well-written SEO content from industry professionals. Check out SearchEye today! We offer various services, like optimizing your landing pages with tailored content and SEO elements. 

Boost your landing page with quality content optimized with the latest SEO practices. Check out SearchEye for SEO and more. 

FAQs on Best Landing Page Builders

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