Guest Post Opportunities (⏰3pm Links) vs. Shop the List -

Guest Post Opportunities (⏰3pm Links) vs. Shop the List

Chris Porteous Chris Porteous Mar 15, 2023 2 mins read
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In the digital marketing world, link building remains an essential component for driving organic traffic and improving search engine rankings. At Searcheye, we understand the importance of high-quality link-building strategies and are proud to offer two distinct link-building products: Open Guest Post Opportunities and Shop the List. In this blog post, we will discuss the features, pros, and cons of each product to help you determine which is the best fit for your needs.

Open Guest Post Opportunities

Open Guest Post Opportunities are articles that we are currently collaborating on with the publisher. By working closely with our publishing partners, we ensure that our clients receive high-quality backlinks from reputable sites.


  1. Cost-effective: Open Guest Post Opportunities are 20-50% cheaper than other options, allowing you to build more links within your budget.
  2. Faster turnaround: Since the article topic is already approved by the publisher and content is in progress, the entire process is streamlined and efficient, resulting in quicker results.
  3. High site quality: Our collaboration with publishers ensures a higher standard of site quality, increasing the value of your backlinks.


  1. Limited inventory: With only 150-200 sites available at any given time, your options may be somewhat restricted compared to other services.
  2. No content approval: Clients are not able to approve content, which may be a concern for some who want greater control over their brand’s messaging.
  3. Limited anchor text/pages: Choices in anchor text and pages are also limited, which may affect the effectiveness of your link-building strategy.
  4. Additional resource-based links: To keep costs low, we potentially incorporate a few additional resource-based links that could be indirect competitors in adjacent industries, posing a potential risk to your competitive advantage.

Shop the List

Shop the List is a comprehensive database of all available link-building opportunities that you can choose from. With over 10,000 sites, link inserts, guest posts, and digital PR options, you have an abundance of choices to meet your specific needs. We take care of the entire fulfillment process, making it as seamless as possible for you.


  1. Extensive inventory: With a near-unlimited selection of over 10,000 sites and opportunities, you’ll have plenty of options to find the perfect fit for your link-building strategy.
  2. Content and strategy approval: Clients can approve content and strategy, giving you more control over your brand’s messaging and ensuring that your links align with your marketing goals.
  3. Flexibility: Shop the List offers greater flexibility in supplying anchor text and pages, allowing you to tailor your strategy to achieve optimal results.


  1. Higher cost: This service is typically more expensive than Open Guest Post Opportunities, which may affect your budget allocation.
  2. Slower turnaround time: Due to the extensive inventory and added customization options, the fulfillment process can take longer compared to Open Guest Post Opportunities.

Ultimately, the choice between Open Guest Post Opportunities and Shop the List depends on your specific goals, budget, and preferences. Here’s a quick comparison chart to help you make an informed decision:

Criteria Open Guest Post Opportunities Shop the List
Cost 20-50% cheaper Typically more expensive
Turnaround Time Faster Slower
Site Quality Higher standard Varies
Inventory Limited (150-200 sites) Near unlimited (10k+ sites)
Content & Strategy Approval No Yes
Anchor Text / Pages Flexibility Limited More flexibility
SEO Impact (Guest Posts) Comparable Comparable
Link Inserts Availability Not available Available
Additional Resource-based Links Possible Not applicable

Is one better than the other for SEO?

When it comes to guest posts, there is no significant difference in SEO impact between Open Guest Post Opportunities and Shop the List. The end result is the same, as it’s a new article on the same site. However, if you’re interested in link inserts (available only in Shop the List), some SEO professionals may prefer these over a new guest post. This preference stems from the fact that link inserts are placed within seasoned content that already has traction, keyword rankings, traffic, internal links, and third-party sites linking to it.

There could be minor differences in SEO performance depending on how you evaluate links, but generally, just being “naturally” incorporated on high-authority sites plays a significant role in improving your SEO performance, including traffic, rankings, and lead generation.

Ultimately, the best choice will depend on your specific goals and budget. At Searcheye, we are committed to providing top-notch link-building services tailored to your requirements. Reach out to us today to discuss your link-building needs, and let our team of experts help you achieve success in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

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