Driving Traffic: Exploring the Most Searched Keywords on Google

Driving Traffic: Exploring the Most Searched Keywords on Google

Chris Porteous Chris Porteous Jul 6, 2023 11 mins read
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Can you imagine life without good search engines? We would never be able to find relevant information, products, and services we need at any given moment. It’s no wonder that search engines have become one of the most powerful online tools, particularly for marketing. After all, how can you do business if people can’t find you?

Google is leading the pack at nearly 84 percent of the desktop market share. It has held the position for over a decade but isn’t true everywhere. Yandex and Baidu reign supreme in Russia and China, respectively. Yahoo finds favor in Japan and Mexico.

Security and privacy concerns are also chipping away at Google’s domination, as has AI-based chatbots. ChatGPT quickly gained many users after it launched in November 2022 because it provided detailed answers to questions. Microsoft and Google invested heavily in conversational chatbots to compete. Still, inaccuracies with ChatGPT AI proved to be a challenging problem to solve.

Nevertheless, conversational or otherwise, Google searches continue to be critical in the success of online marketing efforts. By extension, keywords that drive search engine rankings are equally important.

Search engines use different algorithms to detect search volume. However, they all reward an excellent understanding of what keywords mean in different contexts. In other words, you need to anticipate what users want to know. You can do that with good keyword research.

Keyword research helps you understand users’ needs and intent by identifying the keywords used in search queries. When you target the most searched keywords, you can increase your site’s ranking on various search engines.

This article will explore the most searched keywords and questions on Google. It will also discuss techniques for identifying them for your niche by using Google Trends and other tools.

Key Takeaways
  • Targeting top Google keywords drives organic traffic, improves rankings, and fuels business growth.
  • Trending keywords reflect global interests, helping businesses outperform the competition, build brand perception, and engage users.
  • You can utilize tools to find the most searched keywords on Google.

The Power of Google Search

While Google is not all-powerful everywhere, it is so ubiquitous that people use it as a verb to describe online searches. Interestingly, much of its revenue is from Google ads, allowing companies to post ads in relevant searches. Estimates suggest around 8.5 billion Google searches occur every day. You can imagine why it’s making big bucks.

Although Google is not the biggest company in the world regarding revenue, it collects the most demographic data, with approximately 18.5 Petabytes stored on its servers. If you use the Internet, chances are Google knows more about you than you think.

The good news is you can use that information to your advantage, and this is where search engine optimization (SEO) comes in. If there’s one thing that Google does well, it’s organizing information. The goal is to present users with the most relevant sites based on their search query, which means playing by Google’s rules.

In the bad old days of keyword stuffing, search engine results yielded useless information, and Google noticed. It changed its indexing algorithms and started penalizing content producers that provided no value.

Today, brands that follow Google’s best practices of providing value to users typically do well in search rankings. The aim is to secure a high position on the search engine results pages (SERP) because people tend to click on the top results.

However, SERP ranking is not the end-all and be-all of SEO. Some businesses can be successful without ever getting to the top of the SERP because of high domain authority. Nevertheless, you still need one to get the other by targeting the most searched keywords in Google.

What are Google trending keywords?

Trending keywords on Google are words or phrases that experience a surge in search frequency over a short period. The increase in popularity is often attributed to current events. It could be an event, like the pandemic or a Taylor Swift concert. It could also be the season, such as Christmas.

At any rate, trending keywords can drive traffic to your site and establish a positive reputation for addressing relevant topics. However, you must be careful when targeting these keywords because they are highly volatile and competitive. 

Search trends tend to be short-term and can change in an instant. The trick is to get in there early before everyone else uses them to avoid getting overshadowed. You must also know when the trend starts to lose steam so you can move on to the next one.

You should know that the most popular keywords are brand names, not trending terms. In 2022, for instance, among the most frequently searched keywords were Facebook, YouTube, Amazon, NFL, and Netflix, according to Ahrefs.

Wordle also made it into the top 10 because it was at the height of its popularity in early 2022. The search volume declined starting from February 2022, although it appears to have maintained a steady following.

Read on to find out the most searched keywords on Google in 2023.

What is the most searched thing on Google?

Most site owners focus on Google to craft SEO content because it dominates the market generally. They use tools like SEMrush and Ahrefs to find relevant keywords with the highest search volumes. These tools also show the competition for that keyword, indicating how hard it is to rank. In most cases, you want to use keywords with high volume and low competition, although that won’t always be easy.

However, you can start with the most searched keywords on Google. Fortunately, Ahrefs and SEMrush collated lists from their databases to quickly find the top 100 in the US and worldwide. We only feature the top 10, but they already show some interesting insights about what people search on Google.

Most searched keywords on Google in the US

Ahrefs has a database of 12.8 billion keywords, while SEMrush has 24.9 billion. Below are the top 10 of 100 for 2023 as of June 2023.

No.KeywordSearch VolumeNo.KeywordSearch Volume
9nfl26,070,0009google translate42,700,000
10yahoo mail26,000,00010nfl39,400,000

As you can see, most of the same words appear in both lists, although not in the same order. Yahoo mail appears in the top 10 for Ahrefs but is in 12th place for SEMrush.  Walmart is in the top 10 for SEMrush and only 13th place in Ahrefs. Wordle also appears higher on the Ahrefs list than SEMrush.

The differences between the two lists could be due to the variance in their database sizes. Nevertheless, the keywords reflect a sustained interest in social media, shopping, and sports among Google users in the US.

Most searched keywords on Google worldwide

Using the same database, let’s look at the global perspective. Note that the Ahrefs list excludes the US.

No.KeywordSearch VolumeNo.KeywordSearch Volume
1satta king125,200,0001youtube1,200,000,000
2whatsapp web102,600,0002facebook867,000,000
3sarkari result97,980,0003whatsapp web543,300,000
6whatsapp web70,910,0006google444,700,000
9xsmn63,810,0009google translate363,300,000

The exclusion of US searches in the Ahrefs list provides insight into the composition of Google users. Satta King, WhatsApp web, and Sarkari are relevant to users in India, where Google enjoys a 95.7 percent market share in 2023.  

In the meantime, SEMrush has “satta king” and “sarkari result” in 15th and 20th place, respectively. Interestingly, “whatsapp web” slips just one place, indicating a strong global interest in the app. There is much less interest in Facebook and YouTube for non-US users compared to the weather.

Most searched questions on Google in the US

Keywords are great, but many people also pose questions in Google searches. These searches can result in long-tail keywords that are more specific and more likely to rank if used organically. So, what are people in the US asking most frequently in 2023?

No.QuestionSearch VolumeNo.QuestionSearch Volume
1what is my ip777,0001where is my refund15,500,000
2what to watch662,0002is rihanna pregnant5,600,000
3how many ounces in a cup657,0003what time is the super bowl1,700,000
4how many weeks in a year640,0004when is the super bowl1,700,000
5how many ounces in a gallon602,0005when is easter1,500,000
6who called me from this phone number536,0006how many ounces in a cup1,300,000
7how to screenshot on mac502,0007what time is it1,200,000
8how many days until Christmas478,0008is rhianna pregnant1,100,000
9when is easter462,0009when is easter 20231,000,000
10how many ounces in a pound393,00010how many weeks in a year1,000,000

The most searched questions differ significantly between the two tools, although they have conversions, the Superbowl, and Easter in common. You might be interested to know that Rihanna appears nowhere in the Ahrefs list, spelled correctly or otherwise.

Most searched questions on Google worldwide

Searches about the Superbowl and conversions in the English systems are expected in the US. However, what are people asking Google globally? Again, Ahrefs excludes US searches.

No.QuestionSearch VolumeNo.QuestionSearch Volume
1where is my train1,110,0001where is my refund15,500,000
2cuando cobro (Spanish meaning when i get paid)998,0002how many ounces in a cup8,600,000
3o que significa (Portuguese; what it means)720,0003how to calculate bmi7,500,000
4फिल्म डायरेक्टर कैसे बन सकते है (Hindi; how to become a film director)697,0004is rihanna pregnant5,600,000
5what is my ip689,0005how late is the closest grocery store open4,700,000
6o que é ácido hialurônico (Portuguese; what is hyaluronic acid)632,0006what is my ip4,100,000
7cuando juega boca (Argentine; when does Boca play (Boca Junior is a football team))621,0007what is my ip address3,100,000
8cuando juega river  (River Plate is a football team in Argentina)533,0008how to calculate percentage2,900,000
9cuando y donde cobro (Spanish; when and where do I charge)510,0009how many centimeters in an inch2,600,000
10कहानी लिखने के नियम क्या है (Hindi; what are the rules of writing a story)478,00010how to delete instagram account2,200,000

Excluding the US reveals a significant shift in interest from health and tech to sports and entertainment. Going further down the list reveals many more intersections between the two lists. However, they show two things. One is how popular football is outside the US. Two, most of these are navigational searches that direct Google users to specific sites.  

Tools for Identifying the Most Searched Keywords on Google

SEMrush and Ahrefs are more than resources for finding the most searched keywords on Google. They are two of many market research tools, including but not limited to finding keywords specific to your business. Check them out.

Google Trends

Another tool you might have heard of is Google Trends. As you can probably imagine, it can help you identify trends for specific keywords based on their search volume over time. You can choose a particular country to find trends. Right off the bat, it will tell you what keywords have been trending in the past 24 hours and why.

The Explore tab will bring you to a window where you can input a search term you want to use and compare the trend to other search terms. You can specify the period, category, and type of search. Over five years, the interest has risen sharply in July every year.

You can also get a summary of search trends according to your needs: daily, real-time, and location.

Google Trends is an excellent resource for understanding keyword popularity and seasonal trends. It can help you make informed decisions about your SEO and marketing campaigns. However, trends are only part of the equation. You can use the following keyword research tools to get more information.

Google Keyword Planner

The Google Ads suite includes the free Google Keyword Planner that helps users find the right keywords for their ads. However, you can also use keywords in your SEO content. It can help you find related words or phrases to your business and give search volume and trend information.

It will also estimate each keyword’s bid to plan your ad budget. The bid estimates also give you an idea of the competition for that keyword.

The only catch is you must create a Google Ad campaign to access the tool. That means giving more information about your business than you might want at this stage. 


Ahrefs is one of the more popular keyword research tools available. It has many tools to help users conduct keyword research, analyze backlinks, and explore content ideas. It has an extensive database and works with multiple search engines. As a result, the data it gives for keyword research is comprehensive.

However, Ahrefs does not offer a free trial, and the pricing model is somewhat confusing. It gives website owners free limited access to its Ahrefs Webmaster Tools, but they won’t help with keyword research.


SEMrush is another leading keyword research tool that many businesses use. Among other things, it conducts keyword research and analyzes competitor websites. You can use it to find the best keywords for your SEO and marketing efforts based on Google searches. However, if you want to rank on other search engines, SEMrush might not be the software for you.

That said, SEMrush offers a free account with access to most of the tools, with limited access to the data. You can also only request 10 searches per day, but it gives you a good feel for the features. You can also sign up for a free 7-day trial to get full access to the tools and data. The only drawback with the free trial is you must provide your credit card information.

Answer the Public

Although not as well-known as Ahrefs or SEMrush, Answer the Public offers interesting features. It is a keyword research tool that helps content creators and marketers generate content ideas. The basis for its insights is the questions and queries that users put in search engines on a specific topic. The goal is to discover user intent based on the context of their searches.

The interface is intuitive, so you get the most relevant information for a search term in one click. The platform offers a free account for three searches daily, so you should check it out.

Keywords Everywhere

Another interesting tool you might want to try is Keywords Everywhere. It is a freemium browser extension for Chrome and Firefox for keyword research. It provides insights into search volume, competition, and related keywords directly within SERPs.

Once you install it, it will display data such as search volume, competition, and related keywords on different platforms. You don’t have to navigate outside a search engine to get keyword information.

It also has paid, credit-based plans starting from $12 a year for 100,000 credits. You can access additional information like historical search volume trends, people also search for (PASF) data, and data from other search engines. Each credit provides one keyword’s volume, competition, CPC,  and 12-month trend data.

One Last Word: Be Wise in Using Popular Keywords

Keywords help search engines find you, so the more you use, the more likely you will rank better. However, you must always remember that quality trumps quantity in content creation. Never use unrelated or irrelevant terms just because they have high search volumes. Only use keywords that fit organically into your message and branding so you drive traffic to your site that converts.

Keyword research lets you identify the most searched keywords on Google and other search platforms. More importantly, it helps you understand the intent and context of visitors so you can deliver the information they want and need.It is also crucial that your content adds value to your site. Simply saying the same thing in different ways will not help you scale up your content creation or improve site ranking. Search engines reward websites that offer unique and insightful content. You must try to step up your game when using keywords strategically.

  Pro Tip

Working with a trustworthy SEO agency like SearchEye can help you effectively target popular Google search keywords. It’s the first step to creating a successful SEO strategy.

Skyrocket Your Online Visibility With SearchEye

The most searched keywords on Google are the most popular and relevant with users at a specific time. Knowing them can help you understand what matters to people, although the context might not always be clear. It is equally important to understand this and use keyword research tools to get additional information. Remember that trends tend to be short-term or seasonal, so plan accordingly.

However, keyword research is not as easy as it sounds and is only one part of a longer equation for SEO. Collaborating with SearchEye can simplify your life so you can pay more attention to the core tasks of your business. We can identify the most searched keywords on Google relevant to your needs and enhance your overall search engine optimization (SEO) efforts.

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