SearchEye Launches Verified Publisher Feature for Better Content Fulfillment -

SearchEye Launches Verified Publisher Feature for Better Content Fulfillment

Chris Porteous Chris Porteous Feb 22, 2024 2 mins read
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Delivering quality content involves a bit of back and forth between clients, content creators, and publishers. Especially in the marketing space, a lot needs to be done to ensure each party meets established standards and preferences.

Several factors can affect content fulfillment. Content production is one thing. Clients and publishers finding common ground is another. SearchEye toes this line, ensuring its product aligns with publisher standards and guidelines while taking care of the client’s marketing needs.

As a growing presence in the digital marketing and PR space, SearchEye continuously strives to update its platform and features to make the process easier for clients and publishers. 

Our new Verified Publisher feature can help you do just that. Here’s how it works.

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What are verified publishers?

Verified publishers are those with strong, established relationships with SearchEye. We have worked with these publishers many times, and these relationships have helped us minimize the back-and-forth and hasten fulfillment times for our users.

You can quickly check for verified publishers upon logging into SearchEye. A verified publisher will show up with a green tick or verified badge next to its name.

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You can also filter for verified publishers when conducting a search. We have added a filtering section. This feature allows you to opt for verified publishers only, so your searches can pull up the sites you want.

Verified publishers respond much quicker to client requests than non-verified publishers. SearchEye also has more information and insights into what each publisher requires for content submissions. This capability ensures we deliver content that caters to publisher preferences while promoting client brands.

The filter system also makes it easier for SearchEye to match publishers and clients according to niche, creating more meaningful connections between brands and publishers.

What Brands Can Expect

The verified publisher feature can make content fulfillment easier and more efficient for publishers and brands. Users can find publishers that match their budget, preferences, and goals, and publishers can access quality content that blends well with their style and values.

Opting to filter your searches to show only verified publishers ensures your brand can reach your target audience efficiently. Verified publishers are receptive to content that aligns with their niche, guaranteeing quicker responses and turnaround times.

Working with verified publishers brings speed, reliability, and improved collaboration among brands, publishers, and writers. Finding the right verified publishers allows you to reach established audiences and present your brand as a viable solution for audience queries.

Helping Writers and Publishers

Publishers are always on the lookout for quality content to add to their platforms. Marketers like us help fill this need by pitching content collaborations and publishing on their sites. 

Selecting verified publishers allows us to guarantee suitable matches between publishers and brands. This process ensures that we don’t compromise publishers’ standards while positioning your brand favorably in our content.

These matches also make the writing and production process more efficient. Natural and effective brand and keyword placements come with knowing the publisher and the client.

Well-matched publishers and brands allow writers to develop engaging, relevant, and well-researched content to aid your marketing efforts.

The SearchEye Quality Guarantee

SearchEye is always committed to delivering quality content and providing products that bring out the best in your brand and allow you to reach your marketing goals. 

Our new Verified Publishers feature is a great way to make content fulfillment more efficient. It also helps improve collaboration between brands and publishers. Explore this tool today to enhance your marketing mix and reach broader audiences.

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