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Learn about our other missions:

Our Mission

SearchEye is a platform that helps businesses and publishers collaborate for the purposes of growing their owned audience and search visibility.

Our mission is guided by three core values:

  1. Enabling meaningful collaboration between businesses and publishers
  2. Upholding Integrity, Privacy, and Safety for Publishers
  3. Allowing publishers to earn more and grow their audience

Enabling meaningful collaboration between businesses and publishers

The traditional model of collaboration is ineffective. Publishers are inundated with low-quality requests that are rapidly increasing thanks to AI technologies like ChatGPT. This results in an onslaught of collaboration requests, sometimes exceeding 100 per day.

Regrettably, this results in genuinely meaningful collaboration opportunities getting lost in the noise. Too often, the goals of businesses and publishers fail to align.

The entire process is often purely transactional with businesses trying to drive down publisher fees, which leads to a race to the bottom on quality and collaboration. Publishers feel the brunt of this with difficult and pushy behavior becoming the norm.

This results in a no-win situation for both parties.

SearchEye Vets Each Business

SearchEye is changing this process to make it better, and simpler, with heavy screening for each business that we let onto the platform. We use a combination of technology, benchmarks, and human reviews to ensure we work with authentic, and high quality, businesses who are experts in their domain. This ensures that publishers are only associated with bona fide businesses, enhancing the overall integrity of the collaboration process.

Intelligent Matching through SearchEye’s Recommendation Engine

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SearchEye’s recommendation engine is designed to intelligently match the right opportunities with the right brands. The engine is guided by multiple parameters that you can set to ensure you only get relevant matches to improve your pieces:

Minimum Organic Traffic

Define the minimum organic traffic level for your potential collaborators, as indicated by AHREFs. By setting a benchmark for the level of web traffic your associated brands should have, you ensure that your work garners the visibility it deserves.

Niche-Specific Filtering

With SearchEye, you can filter out the noise and target the niches that align with your interests and expertise. This feature allows for more targeted and relevant collaborations, ultimately adding more value to your work.

Minimum Domain Rating (DR)

Specify a minimum Domain Rating (DR) using AHREFs to ensure your content associates with reputable and high-authority sources. This feature aids in enhancing the credibility and reach of your work.

Competitor Exclusion

SearchEye recognizes the importance of maintaining strategic interests. Hence, you have the option to exclude direct competitors from your potential source pool. This allows you to protect your competitive edge while still benefiting from collaborations.

Upholding Integrity, Privacy, and Safety for Publishers

SearchEye believes that no publisher should compromise their integrity or their truth-seeking endeavor for monetary reasons. While we aim to provide fair compensation (either monetary or credits / exchanges), our role is to facilitate collaboration, not force it.

Double Opt-In

At the core of SearchEye’s approach is the principle of choice. Our double opt-in feature ensures you have the power to reject any source that doesn’t meet your standards. This empowers you to maintain control over your collaborations, thereby ensuring the authenticity and safety of your content.


Under SearchEye’s Double Opt-In policy, businesses cannot interact with writers and journalists unless specifically requested.

Privacy First: Domain Hiding and No Sample Sharing

SearchEye provides the option to hide your domain from all free members, reducing your visibility and enhancing your privacy. We never share samples of your work, safeguarding your content’s originality and confidentiality.

Marketplace Visibility

Our platform offers ways to manage your visibility, impacting who collaborates with your site. Opportunities not meeting your criteria are hidden, ensuring you see only the most suitable and valuable options.

Learn more about minimizing or maximizing your visibility on SearchEye

Allowing Publishers to Earn More and Grow Their Audience

In an era of burgeoning tools, technologies like ChatGPT, and a surge towards a globalized writer supply (e.g., UpWork), downward pressure on wages is palpable. Given the immense societal value of writers and journalists, it’s essential to ensure the industry’s long-term sustainability.

At SearchEye, we offer two pathways to ensure a balanced approach to remuneration:

No Compensation: Quality Sources for Richer Content

In this approach, SearchEye prioritizes matching you with highly curated, expert sources relevant to your articles. This not only saves you countless hours every month in sourcing but also enriches your content with authoritative insights.

Partnerships and Exchanges: Grow Your Audience (for Free)

Compensation: Rewarding Your Effort and Expertise

For those who want to couple access to our expert sources with an additional revenue stream, we offer the opportunity to earn compensation for each successful placement or article written. This rewards you for the time invested in liaising with expert sources and successfully incorporating their insights onto your site.

Writer Compensation

Freelance writers and journalists often spend significant time weeding out fake and low-quality requests to gather expert sources for articles, which is both time-consuming and costly.

Freelance writers and journalists often spend significant time weeding out fake and low-quality requests to gather expert sources for articles, which is both time-consuming and costly.

What’s Next?

The evolving landscape of journalism necessitates innovative solutions that prioritize the needs and well-being of writers and journalists. SearchEye is our response to this challenge, ensuring a user-friendly, protective, and fair platform where writers and journalists can collaborate with expert sources.

As we continue to refine and evolve our platform, we deeply value your feedback. It is your insights that help us improve and cater more effectively to your needs.

Should you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions for SearchEye, please do not hesitate to reach out. As the Co-founder and CEO of SearchEye, I am always open to discussions that can help us enhance our platform and deliver on our promise to build a better writer and journalist experience.

Chris Porteous
Co-founder and CEO, SearchEye

Your participation and feedback will directly influence the future of the SearchEye platform. We are committed to this journey and look forward to building a more rewarding experience for writers and journalists worldwide. Thank you for being a part of our mission.

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