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Tired of seeing your portfolio companies waste money on expensive ads with high CACs? We show them how to build a distribution moat with plummeting CACs. Register now.

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    How it works...

    We partner with investors including venture capital funds, accelerators, and angels to provide lunch and learn sessions for your portfolio companies. Here’s the process:


    Register using the form above


    We contact you to arrange session time


    You invite your portfolio companies


    The 60 Minute Lunch and Learn

    What to expect in the Lunch and Learn


    SEO - How it works, mindsets, and 80/20 actions

    The first 30 mins gives you the key frameworks, mindsets, action items and playbooks so that you can execute today.


    Case Studies

    We’ll walk through case studies of unicorns who have built their empire on top of organic traffic.


    Submitted Questions

    We’ll send a form ahead of the session where attendees can submit questions and items they’d like covered.



    At the end we throw it open to all questions.

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    Meet our Founders and Your Co-hosts

    Never held a Lunch and Learn before? No worries, our founders are here to help.

    Who We’ve Worked With

    The founders of SearchEye, Christian Thurston, and Chris Porteous, who have worked with 100s of startups on their search marketing. Here are some of the companies we’ve worked with:

    We’ve been doing organic search for over a decade, and we’ve been Head of Growth, and founders of Silicon Valley tech companies. We’ve walked in your founder’s shoes, we are part of the founder tribe.

    Did you Know: We also offer perks and deals for your portfolio companies.

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    Why SEO is the better path...

    Traditional Ads

    • 6%

      of Google clicks go to ads

    • A Weak Moat

      Ads are easily competed against

    • High CAC

      Higher costs for customer acquisition

    Organic SEO

    • 70%

      of Google clicks go to organic

    • A Strong Moat

      Compounds, and doesn’t disappear when you stop spending

    • Lower CAC

      Lower costs for customer acquisition

    You’re a smart investor. Where would you invest your marketing dollars?

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is SEO too slow for startups like mine?
    The SEO industry has a snake oil reputation, how can I figure out who to trust?
    Will it be too complicated, given my time is limited as a founder?
    Will the SEO playbooks work for my company, we have [X] which is different.
    I’m too busy to attend, or unavailable at the scheduled time, can my team member join instead?
    Who is allowed to host a lunch and learn with you?
    How do you like us to tell portfolio companies about this?
    Why are you doing this?
    Do you host these in person?