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It’s Easy to Get Started


Article Topic

Once the publisher has approved the topic, it’s time to send to SearchEye.


Submit Article

Just a few questions and you’re good to go! You can submit a request here.


Integrate Sources

Within 1-2 days we’ll start sending you high quality sources/links that you can add to your article.


Submit to publisher

All good to go! Submit the article to the publisher and send us the published article. We will submit payment in 5-10 business days.

Why choose SearchEye

  • High Quality Sources
  • Monetize Your Time
  • Discreet

High Quality Sources

SearchEye only works with high quality sources who are already creating amazing, linkable, content! We only share opportunities with sources that are a good fit for your articles.

Submit a writer’s request

Writers earn anywhere from $125 to $500 / link successfully added to their article!

We make it easy

Cut down on time and energy you spend looking for links. We automatically pair you with your best fit!

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What writers are saying about SearchEye

“This platform @getsearcheye is unlike anything I’ve seen in the SEO space. Agencies who adopt this tool will be saying ‘i told you so’ in 2-3 years. Kudos to the SearchEye team.”

Gary Simpson, Wave Digital

“Thanks to the team at @getsearcheye for delivering as always! When I need Digital PR, I can always rely on them.”

Jacob Maslow, Word Pro SEO

“Wow. Very impressed with @getsearcheye – Absolutely blown away by the quality and turnaround times. A shoutout to the team for building an awesome product!”

Harris Schachter, OptimizePrime

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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about SearchEye’s Writer Program. Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Please chat with our team.

Is this against the terms and conditions of Google?
I received a source that is not relevant, do I have to publish it?
I publish a lot of content, do you offer longer term engagements?
How and when do I get paid for including sources in my articles?