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What Our Users Have to Say About Us

“Fantastic platform. They did a phenomenal job from keyword research to article creation to finding quality digital PR. Great driver of traffic for us.”

Preston Holmes, Tech Startup

“Signed up and love the concept, made me a big believer in organic search. Looking forward to seeing more articles in the fintech and private debt space!”

Michael Shum, CEO, Cascade Debt

“Good service for link-building & PR!.”

Takeshi Young, Global SEO Lead, DiDi

“A core part of an SEO strategy – SearchEye is an effective way to boost authority without resorting to low quality links.”

Alex Khor, Co-Founder, AfterWork Ventures

“Great marketplace that helps me as a content website. They connect to other influencers and publishers out there without me doing outreach.”

Ken Savage, CEO, Go Launch Club

“Signed up for SearchEye, definitely a one of a kind platform.”

Siva Mahesh,

“This is *really* smart, especially the writers partnership program.

Ellen Kaross, Content Marketing & Public Relations

“Access to a large number of high quality publishers and improving our organic visibility has really moved the needle for us.”

Arjun Mahadevan, CEO, doola

“Their on-demand PR service is next-level good.”

Tom Dehnel, SEO Consultant

“SearchEye instantly impressed me and our go to market team.”

 Austin Hay, Head of Marketing Technology, Ramp, Martech Expert at Reforge

“This platform SearchEye is unlike anything I’ve seen in the SEO space. Agencies who adopt this tool will be saying ‘i told you so’ in 2-3 years.”

Gary Simpson, Wave Digital

“Thanks to the team at SearchEye for delivering as always! When I need Digital PR, I can always rely on them.”

Jacob Maslow, Word Pro SEO

“Wow. Very impressed with SearchEye – Absolutely blown away by the quality and turnaround times.”

Harris Schachter, OptimizePrime

“It’s a win-win for brands and publishers.”

Rayn Ong, Archangel Ventures

“The founders of SearchEye deeply understand the digital PR space and how to help companies of all shapes and sizes succeed…”

Casey Winters, Angel Investor

“SearchEye’s mission resonated and is directionally where we see the industry going with respect to growth.”

Jenny Fielding, Everywhere VC