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Hundreds of Opportunities

Gain access to hundreds of active article opportunities at any given time. Publishers and writers submit 100s of new requests every week. The landscape of opportunities is dynamic, with new ones popping up every single day.

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Save More with SearcheEye Tokens

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Here’s what our users have to say...

“Fantastic platform. They did a phenomenal job from keyword research to article creation to finding quality digital PR. Great driver of traffic for us.”

Preston Holmes, Tech Startup

“Signed up and love the concept, made me a big believer in organic search. Looking forward to seeing more articles in the fintech and private debt space!”

Michael Shum, CEO, Cascade Debt

“Good service for link-building & PR!.”

Takeshi Young, Global SEO Lead, DiDi

“It’s a win-win for brands and publishers.”

Rayn Ong, Archangel Ventures

“The founders of SearchEye deeply understand the digital PR space and how to help companies of all shapes and sizes succeed…”

Casey Winters, Angel Investor

“SearchEye’s mission resonated and is directionally where we see the industry going with respect to growth.”

Jenny Fielding, Everywhere VC

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